Diving Down the Rabbit Hole

So far we have determined that:

1.  We have innate knowledge of ethics

2.  There exists a distribution of our understanding of ethics

3.  We all have individual frames of reality

4.  We all have the potential for great goodness and great maliciousness

5.  No one group owns ethics; we all own ethics individually

We have probably learned other things to this point but we will stop with our list of five things for now.

So now what?  Seems like a mixed bag of stuff?  What good is a foundation if everyone’s foundation is different, personal?  How can we rely on others to be good when they have so much potential to be bad?  How can anybody claim authority over others when nobody owns ethics?

We have actually already provided the answers to most of these questions at this point.  If you are having a hard time answering these challenging questions I suggest a good dose of introspection followed by some useful engagement of other people on questions of ethics…and continue reading on as I will dive deeper into the grey.


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