Details about this site

A brief note about the function of this website.  This website is more of an online book than a blog.  There are no blog post per se, just webpages with sub-pages; therefore an RSS feed will likely not work.

This website is a book that you can comment on, a book with a discussion board.  The book may grow overtime but the main content of the book has been written and published at this point.

I hope you find this online book useful.  I look forward to your comments.


Lawrence Sheraton

3 thoughts on Details about this site

  1. Would love to cite your information! Unfortunately however, ‘Mr. Ethics’ won’t make the cut 🙁

    • Michael,

      When I first started the blog I wanted to be anonymous, so I took the pseudonym “Mr. Ethics”. Lately, I have been using my name, Lawrence Sheraton. I’m glad you found this website and I hope you find it useful.



  2. This is great! thanks for the data. Many sites say otherwise and that Morals are the personal aspect and that ethics are the societal or religious aspects. Here is the data given in other sites – What is right and wrong is given by the group is ethics per thee other sites. Morals are personal, what one sees as right and wrong. What you are saying though makes total sense. What is the refernce you are basing your ideas off of?

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